"Good day, friends. It's Sun! Can you guess how old I am? 4.6 billion years old. Of the billions of stars in the Milky Way, I'm an average-size star, but I'm the largest character in our solar system—the size of more than 1 million planet Earths. And did you know that at my core, I can reach more than 27 million degrees? Yeah, I'm pretty hot!"



"Hello, I am Cloud. I was formed when warm air (thanks to Sun) rose up from Earth, cooled, and turned into ice crystals—yes, ice crystals! I admit, I can be cold, especially when Wind blows by (he can be so pushy!), or when Lightning flashes out of nowhere (she can be fierce!)...but for the most part, I can handle the pressure. I am happiest when I am puffy and playing with Sun."

"Good evening, I am Moon! I am about a billion years younger than Sun (but a girl never reveals her true age—wink.) There are a few theories floating around in space about how I was formed but I like to tell it this way: Picture Earth as one big, delicious MoonPie—yum! After a rock named Theia smashed into Earth, Gravity took all of her crumbs and bound them together to create me."


"Chirp, chirp."

"While Sun is nearest to Earth, I am closest to Moon. In fact, Moon and I are BFFs. I am one of billions of stars in the Milky Way, but Moon makes me feel like one of a kind. When I am sad, she sings: "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" and I shine bright! But it takes millions of years for my light to reach Earth, so when you see me in the sky, you are actually looking back in time!"