"Good day, friends. It's Sun! Can you guess how old I am? 4.6 billion years old. Of the billions of stars in the Milky Way, I'm an average-size star, but I'm the largest character in our solar system—the size of more than 1 million planet Earths. And did you know that at my core, I can reach more than 27 million degrees? Yeah, I'm pretty hot!"

"Hello, I am Cloud. I was formed when warm air (thanks to Sun) rose up from Earth, cooled, and turned into ice crystals—yes, ice crystals! I admit, I can be cold, especially when Wind blows by (he can be so pushy!), or when Lightning flashes out of nowhere (she can be fierce!)...but for the most part, I can handle the pressure. I am happiest when I am white, puffy and playing with Sun."



"While Sun is nearest to Earth, I am closest to Moon. In fact, Moon and I are BFFs. I am one of billions of stars in the Milky Way, but Moon makes me feel like one of a kind. When I am sad, she sings: "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" and I shine bright! But it takes millions of years for my light to reach Earth, so when you see me in the sky, you are actually looking back in time!"

"Good evening, I am Moon! I am about a billion years younger than Sun (but a girl never reveals her true age—wink.) There are a few theories floating around in space about how I was formed but I like to tell it this way: Picture Earth as one big, delicious MoonPie—yum! After a rock named Theia smashed into Earth, Gravity took all of her crumbs and bound them together to create me."


"Chirp, chirp."